Monday, December 18

A Post In Which I Give a Sunday Blog Traffic Tip, But That's Not Really The Point

Have you heard people say that the traffic on blogs drops on the weekends? Saturday is slower at this blog, but Sunday is often one of the days of the week with the most visitors. People, it seems, come specifically for the Sunday hymn. Posting the hymn and collecting the links to other posted hymns is a small thing--a cut and paste job that takes no time and not a lot of thought. But apparently, people are hungry for hymns, so it's a little task with a big pay-off.

Many of the people who write appreciative comments and emails are about the Sunday hymn are a lot younger than me, and some of the hymns I think of as common hymns are unfamiliar to them. I find that a little sad. Don't take this to mean that I think there's no value in singing the more recently written songs. I do, and I think a few of them are very good. (And there are several I'd like to see sifted out by the sands of time, and sooner rather than later!) But the hymns of the faith are our rich heritage, and people are poorer when they are unfamiliar with them.

So sing some recent songs and throw in a few hymns too. That way your children won't be stuck discovering the beauty of hymns from the blogosphere.*

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*I can't believe I actually used that word. Quick! Someone shoot me!